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Staying abreast of the latest news, industry trends, best practices, and technology is essential to our work. Find articles, videos, and more here on our ALE blog, which highlights the most recent updates and biggest developments in our field.

ALE attends CLA Summit in Vienna

The 6th European Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) Summit was held in Vienna, Austria March 7-9, 2017. It was the sixth European CLA Summit. Past summits have been held in London, Paris, Switzerland (CERN), Rome, and Berlin. There are CLA Summits held in Austin, Texas and India. With an attendance of 170, many of which were … Continue reading ALE attends CLA Summit in Vienna

Why LabVIEW?

  Our team first started using LabVIEW in 1995. What drew us to the platform was LabVIEW’s graphical nature, which made the source code more intuitive. We were in essence ‘drawing’ code rather than typing it. LabVIEW also allowed us to communicate with any kind of equipment and represent any kind of algorithm our end … Continue reading Why LabVIEW?

ALE at MILCOM 2016

ALE System Integration stays abreast of the latest news, industry trends, best practices, and technology. This week we will focus on applications in RF and communications in general, by attending the IEEE’s MILCOM 2016 conference.  Of particular interest this year is LabVIEW FPGA’s presense in software defined radio. Conferences such as MILCOM allow us to better … Continue reading ALE at MILCOM 2016

NI Scan Engine

NI compactRIO has a processor running a real-time operating system connected to an FPGA which in turn is connected to I/O.  Ever since LabVIEW 8.6 (c. 2008) NI has provided something called Scan Engine which puts a predefined and not so fast* personality on the FPGA so as to make the FPGA work as a … Continue reading NI Scan Engine

ALE at NI Week 2016

ALE System Integration will participate in the 22nd annual NI Week, hosted by National Instruments (NI), August 1-4 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. At NI Week 2016, our co-founder Terry Stratoudakis will present a technical session. Subject: LabVIEW Architecture for a Custom Test Executive. Abstract: Examine a case study of a test executive … Continue reading ALE at NI Week 2016

Thoughts on lab testing automation at Facebook

Yesterday I came across an article on how Facebook tests its mobile app. “Facebook lifts the veil on its mobile device testing lab” The photo (credit) above is from Facebook’s datacenter in Prineville, Oregon.  With 60 racks each holding 32 phones for a total of 2,000 phones.  Looks like something out of the film … Continue reading Thoughts on lab testing automation at Facebook

LabVIEW: This or That?

LabVIEW presents different ways of doing the same thing. Is one better? Will one create issues in the future? This presentation will explore the pros and cons of various contested approaches such as timeout or no-timeout, strings or enums, one loop or two loops, tabs or subpanels, VI Server or SubVIs, lvlibs or lvlclasses, queues … Continue reading LabVIEW: This or That?

LabVIEW Zoom – In Development

When I teach a LabVIEW class or introduce LabVIEW to someone, it is only a matter of time before they ask if they can zoom while in the block diagram.  I’m at the point where I should offer a raffle prize to the first student of a Core 1 class to mention it!  LabVIEW purists will … Continue reading LabVIEW Zoom – In Development

Dealing with Growing Pains by adopting the Right Tools: Confluence, HipChat, and JIRA

I had been coding for about a decade prior to taking the plunge and committing to ALE System Integration. I came from a culture of adjoining cubicles, I either worked on my projects solo or I collaborated by looking over the divider wall and discussing an issue with my colleague on the task. Now ALE … Continue reading Dealing with Growing Pains by adopting the Right Tools: Confluence, HipChat, and JIRA

New Branch office in Maryland

ALE System Integration, opened a new branch office to enhance collaboration and support to government and research customers in the Maryland area. The new branch supports the company’s entire service offering. The branch team is led by co-founder Terry Stratoudakis and offers a full range of services, including: Software Engineering Consulting for LabVIEW and LabVIEW … Continue reading New Branch office in Maryland