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ALE Consultants develop and implement Field-Programmable Gate Array logic using LabVIEW FPGA, a high level synthesis tool. FPGA can help your scientists and engineers increase execution speed, reliability, and flexibility.

Our experience and skills in LabVIEW, and LabVIEW FPGA’s capability, make FPGAs with loop times in the nanoseconds. Some experiments or tests generate gigabytes of data per second and run for minutes. FPGAs can help apply a real-time filter or trigger to enable the system to store to disk only the needed data. Other experiments or tests need real-time control, and we must respond to an event that is taking place in an experiment or test in the timeframe of microseconds. Since FPGAs are closer to the I/O of the PC, they can intelligently respond to events in microseconds. The software alone cannot respond in microseconds because of all the layers in a computer.

As is with software, when developing for an FPGA, best practices such as test beds, structured design, code, and test phases should not be ignored. LabVIEW FPGA makes programming an FPGA faster, but that doesn’t mean it should not be thoroughly tested.

LabVIEW FPGA technology is a really specialized and powerful tool that we can help our clients implement for greater performance with more reliability and easier long-term maintenance, which helps our clients speed up time to market and reduce costs. We can help engineers and scientists get the most out of FPGA technology across a variety of industries and applications.

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