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ALE Consultants can help your researchers quickly and efficiently complete tasks. Today, higher data acquisition rates and custom analysis are among the cutting edge capabilities required in research projects. ALE Consultants have worked on a wide range of research applications from instrumenting a wind tunnel to automotive plastics research.

Tools such as LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA bring software and hardware development to your scientists like never before. With these platforms, scientists can not only think of new ideas but they can research them too!

Sometimes the software and hardware development gets in the way of the actual science, because it requires specialized knowledge, which scientists must learn. ALE Consultants have trained personnel at an array of U.S. Department of Energy labs, including Brookhaven National Labs, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and Sandia National Labs. Private research institutions and corporate research groups have also benefited from ALE Consultants’ customized and standard National Instruments LabVIEW training. Our training has increased the efficiencies of scientists at these labs over those scientists who use LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA daily without training. We’ve also stepped in to offer additional support when a lab is in need of additional staff or has strict deadlines to meet. A recent Survey helped quantify the benefits of participating in NI training. Respondents reported greater efficiencies after training employees, with 66% faster learning, 50% faster development, and 43% less maintenance times.

ALE Consultants have provided system development to research groups and has had the unique pleasure of working alongside some very brilliant scientists. Our strength is in our unique ability to focus on the engineering needs and structure out the development of tools that are flexible but tailored to each lab’s needs.

Call us to help you accelerate your research. ALE Consultants’ knowledge can help your scientists improve efficiencies and drive quicker end results, which can benefit those who need a solution now.

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